Staff and new families 

  • Wednesday 14 August 2019 at 9.30 am: Morning tea for new families in the school hall followed by uniforms pick-up and school tour.
  • Thursday 15 and Friday 16 August 2019: Staff Back-to-School Days
  • Monday 19 August, welcome coffee by the Parents & friends association after kids drop off
  • Sunday 8 September, beginning of the school year picnic

Students’ Back-to-School Day

Students’ Back-to-School Day is on Monday 19 August 2019 and is organised as follows:

  • PS: a one-hour appointment will be scheduled between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm so that children can have an initial contact with their teacher and classroom. Full school days will start on 20 August at 8:50 am.
  • MS and GS: students will be welcomed in their classrooms between 8:30 am and 9.00 am.
  • From CP (Year 1) to CM2 (Year 5): students will be welcomed from 8:30 am in the school yard.
  • 6ème (Year 6): Students are expected at 8.50 am in the secondary school yard.
  • 5ème (Year 7) to Terminale and IB (Year 12): students are expected at 10:55 am, in the school yard for the 5ème, 4ème and 3ème’s students and in their classroom for 2nde, 1ère, Terminale and IB’s students.

The access code for Pronote will be sent to all parents a few days before the start of the school year. The details regarding the organisation of the school year (class, timetable, agenda, meetings, etc.) will therefore be available online. Secondary school’s timetables will be definitive from 27 August.

Meetings for Parents

  • Monday, 26 August at 5.00 pm: PS-MS-GS parents' meeting (cycle 1)
  • Tuesday, 27 August at 5.00 pm: CP-CE1-CE2 parents' meeting (cycle 2)
  • Wednesday, 28 August at 5.00 pm: CM1-CM2 parents’ meeting (cycle 3)
  • Thursday, 22 August at 5.30 pm: Secondary and IB parents’ meeting

Individual parent-teacher meetings for the secondary school

The first parent-teacher meeting will take place on:

  • Monday 16 September 2019 at 5.30pm for junior secondary students
  • Tuesday 17 September 2019 at 5:30pm for senior secondary & IB students 

Meetings regarding the parent representatives at the school council and school committee

  • Thursday 29 August at 8am: information meeting chaired by the Principal about the role of the different bodies and the voting process
  • Friday 6 September: publication of the electoral lists
  • Friday 13 September: deadline for applications
  • Thursday 26 September: closing of the poll

Enrolments AES, Musique etc.

The list of proposed AES for students from grande section (Kindy) will be posted on Eduka from Wednesday, August 21.

Registration will be open from Friday 23 August at 8pm (limited to 2, then unlimited from 26 to 27 August)

Activities will start from September 2.


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