Instrumental Music Program

Instrumental Music Program

Enrolments for the instrumental program are closed for 2016. 

Parents may fill out an enrolment form but students will not be offered a place until one opens.


In connection with the primary and secondary music program the school offers an extra-curricular course open to all students with a passion for learning a particular instrument and possibly performing in an ensemble. The instruments we offer for private and group lessons are as follows:

Large Orchestra / School Band

  • Wind Ensembles

Violin, Viola, Cello (String Ensemble)



Flute and Piccolo                                                                                                        

Soprano, Alto and Baritone Saxophone.     

  • Rock / Jazz Ensembles                                                            

Guitar and Bass guitar                                                                                                    

Drums and Percussion Ensemble                     

Piano (enrolments closed)                                                                     

Singing (Choir (Secondary)) 

Being an extra-curricular course the instrumental program is offered at a cost set out by the Music Committee. The Music Committee is made up of volunteer parents and is not a profit run organisation. The program is offered to students and parents at the same cost charged to the school to deliver it. 

Three major concerts will be held per year by the Music Committee in line with the end of each trimester in the high school calendar. For more details on the instrumental course and how to enrol your child please click on the documents below.

To contact the music coordinator Shannon Wunderwald please email: