Junior secondary school (collège)

Junior secondary school (collège)


Junior Secondary School covers Years 6 to 9. Aged from 11 to 15, our students reinforce and increase the knowledge they have acquired in elementary school. They are also introduced to secondary education teaching methods as they prepare for the National Diploma Brevet (DNB). At the end of 3ème, pupils sit an exam to gain the diplôme national du brevet (DNB) which assesses the knowledge and skills learned in lower secondary and certifies the command of the Common Core of Knowledge and Skills. It takes coursework into account and includes three written tests in French, mathematics, history and geography, civic education and an oral exam in art history.

In junior highsecondary school, all subjects are taught by different teachers with specific qualifications in each field. Students learn:

  • French
  • English (five hours a week)
  • Mathematics
  • Biology (SVT)
  • Physics and chemistry (SPC)
  • Music and the visual arts
  • Sports and physical education
  • History and geography
  • Technology.

In additional, there are five hours a week of lessons in English each week:

  • One hour of mathematics (in Years 5 and 6)
  • One hour of history and geography (in Year 8)
  • One hour of physics (in Year 9 from August 2016)
  • One hour of music
  • One hour of visual arts.

In Year 6, students have the option to begin learning a second foreign language (Lv2), Latin or Mandarin.