Life in Australia

Life in Australia

Before applying for a position, we invite you to read about the living conditions in Australia. 

Teachers in NSW have to comply to strict Australian rules and regulations. Therefore we recommend you to read :

Resident staff

Life in Sydney is expensive. Therefore, it is difficult for a family to live comfortably on one salary. On top of their salary, the resident receives the ISVL (local life allowance). The amount of this allowance varies from one country to another. Further information is availbale in this document. Staff members who have children are also entitled to receive a family allowance which amount can be double checked here.

Visa 457

For specific positions, the school is able to sponsor employees on a 457 visa or Temporary Work (Skilled) visa which targets local contrats. This visa is under very strict Australian rules and regulations and a advanced level of English is required to obtain this visa. Please read information provided on the Australian Immigration website to make sure you are eligible.


Local ads for rental properties can be seen on these two websites : and


Sydney has good public transport (bus, trains).

Further information

AEFE (Agency for the teaching of French abroad):
French Embassy (Canberra) and French Consulate (Sydney):
Maison des Français de l'Etranger: