The local context

The local context

Practical information for candidates

Before applying for a position, we invite you to read about the living conditions in Australia. 

Also, it is important to consider the terms of recruitment of teachers in New South Wales. School teachers and certified teachers or specialised teachers do not have to have a teaching degree. 

Resident staff

We would like to bring your attention to the fact that the cost of living is quite high in Sydney. It is therefore difficult for a whole family to live comfortably on one resident staff's wage. 

Reminder: 1 AUD = 0.63 € (on 13/01/2016)

This is for information purposes only and may change depending on the economy. 

As well as their wage, the resident staff receive the ISVL (local life allowance) which amount is set each semester per country. You can view the latest amount on the last release. 

Staff members who have a family can also granted a family allowance, you can view the amount here.


Candidates can access the local ads on the two main websites: and

Rent is usually paid per week. Real estate agents request a bond which is usually equal to one month rent (this amount is returned at the end of the lease after the last inspection of the premises), and two weeks rent in advance. 


Sydney has good public transport (bus, trains).


Further information

AEFE (Agency for the teaching of French abroad):

French Embassy (Canberra) and French Consulate (Sydney):

Maison des Français de l'Etranger: