The Primary School Council

The Primary School Council

The School Council’s advice is sought for matters relating to the running and life in primary school. It is presided over by the Primary Director.

The School Council votes the school rules based on the proposal made by the Primary School Director.


The Council’s advice must be sought for all matters relating to the school operations and life at the school, and especially for:

-pedagogical structures;

-the organisation of school time and the school calendar;

-the school project for primary based on the proposal by the Teachers’ Council;

-particular actions which ensure that means allocated to the school are used more efficiently and

adapted to the environment;

-the conditions of schooling for disabled children by taking into account local constraints;

-projects and organisation of discovery classes;

-the questions relating to hygiene, health and safety of the children at the school and also during

extracurricular activities

-the principles guiding the choice of equipment and pedagogical tools

-the questions relating to welcoming and providing information to parents and the general terms of

their participation in the school life.



The following hold a seat with the right to vote:

-the Primary School Director,

-15 teachers, one at least by teaching level,

-15 parent representatives, at least one by teaching level.


Composition of the School Council :

Parent representatives (permanent)

Sophie Berlot

Jospeh Eliezer

Supriya Eliezer

Mona La Cour

Anita BAHT


Emeline GASSER




Stéphane Thao



School Year 2017-2018

School Council minutes 22 May 2017

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School Council minutes 20 February 2017

School council minutes 31 October 2016

2016 Rules and regulations

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School council minutes 23 May 2016

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School Council minutes 24 October 2011

Parents can contact their representatives elected at the School Council at the following email address: