The School Committee

The School Committee

AEFE Circular number 1548 / 20 July, 2017. This circular can be modified by the AEFE. 

Presided over by the Principal, the School Committee is competent regarding pedagogical and educational school matters.

The School Committee :

1. Votes:

  1. the school project,
  2. the school rules,
  3. the School hours and the school calendar;
  4. the yearly orientation education plan;
  5. the ongoing training plan for school staff in all its components, based on the proposal from the ongoing training unit.

2. Provides an opinion based on a vote on:

  • the organisation of staff employment (creation, suppression and transformation of positions) at the school;
  • proposals for the evolution of pedagogical structures;
  • questions regarding the staff working conditions;
  • questions relating to welcoming and providing information to parents and general terms of their participation in the life at the school;
  • scheduling and financing of school trips;
  • organisation of educational life;
  • the sport association activity program, if available;
  • the activity programme for other associations and clubs at the school by taking into account temporary authorisations for the occupation of the premises;
  • hygiene issues, safety issues for the whole school community;
  • staff work conditions issues
  • welcoming and looking after children with special needs;
  • school canteen 

The school budget and the school financial account, based on the report by the Administrative and Financial Director, are both the subject of information to the School Committee.

A report on pedagogical operations of the school and a step by step report of the school project are presented at the School Committee every year by the Head of the School.

The School Committee can, by its own initiative and at the request of the Head of the School, provide its opinion on any questions relating to life at the school.

3. Can, if needed, decide to sit based on an agenda which only includes hygiene, safety and staff working conditions.

The School Committee is a tripartite authority with an equal number of members by right representing the administration, the school staff representatives, parents representatives and students representatives. 



Members with the right to vote:

  • Administration
    • Principal: Sébastien Mathey
    • Cultural Counselor: Bertrand Pous
    • Deputy Principal: Antony Jonkx 
    • Business Director: Thibault Delor
    • Primary School Director: Bruno Le Brize
    • Maternelle Director: Valérie Gallet
  • Parent representatives
    • Mona La Cour
    • Nicolas Santini
    • Véronique Eskenazi
    • Odile Aruanno
    • Anita Bhat (Deputy)
    • Sophie Berlot (Deputy
    • Nicolas Foata (Deputy)
    • Karen Claren (Deputy)
  • Staff representatives (1st degree)
    • Jordane Grand-Girard
    • Anne Alard
    • Sébastien Gendron 
  • Staff representatives (2nd degree)
    • Stéphane Lartigue
    • Pascal Giraud
    • Tess Volpini (Deputy)
    • Olivier Pingot (Deputy)
  • Administration & Maintenance staff representatives
  • Student representatives
    • Jad Jamaleddine
    • Lucy Weaver
    • Ulysse Ballandras (Deputy)
    • Mirko Rado (Deputy)

Members with a consultative role:

  • CVL Vice-President
    • Camille Chabot
  • School Board members
    • Benoit Droulez
    • Jean Kerboul
  • Representatives of French Nationals overseas
    • Jean-Philippe Grange
    • Marie-Claire Guilbaud
    • Danièle Kemp
    • Bernard Le Boursicot
    • Sébastien Vallérie
    • Consul général de France : Nicolas Croizer
    • Deputy Consul: Pierre BIANCONI


At Lycée Condorcet, each of these 3 groups of representatives has 6 members since the 2013 beginning of the school year. The staff representatives, the parent representatives and the student representatives are elected each year in September. 

Parents can contact their representatives elected at the School Committee at the following email address: 

School Year 2018-2019

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