Stage 1 - CAMPUS 2020

Stage 1 - CAMPUS 2020


Work for stage 1 of Condorcet CAMPUS 2020 started in July 2016 and will go until January 2017:

  • Installation of a double gate to better access the western side of the school campus.
  • This gate will remain closed to the public.
  • Construction of an 1 floor extension on the south west side of D block
  • Installation of a lift
  • Installation of new elementary school toilets
  • Installation of a new primary school library, including a maternelle area
  • Construction of 4 new classrooms, including 3 modular ones
  • Refurbishment of 2 existing classrooms

The south west end of the Yr 3 – Yr 5 recess area near Anzac Parade will be closed until January 2017. This area will fall under Safework NSW as a construction zone and entry will be FORBIDDEN.


The construction company was selected on July 4th. Regarding the organization of the site, we will be particularly careful about the following points:

  • The demolition work must be completed before the start of school.
  • Clear boundaries for the site so as to isolate the work area from the rest of the school. This will, amongst other things, allow us to identify access points to the school and circulation within the zone for workers and materials.
  • Identification of traffic patterns for the students and staff during the work.
  • All persons present on the site at any point will have to have an up to date "working with children” check.


With the architects and the builder, we will take all necessary steps to minimize any nuisance related to construction. All updates are available on Pronote and we will make sure to immediately inform the school community about them.


This work is essential and will provide more suitable and comfortable spaces for the entire school community. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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