UN Day at the LCS - 24.10. 2016

UN Day at the LCS - 24.10. 2016


On the 24th of October it is United Nations day and the IB are going to have a few things on and we would like the whole school to participate.


From the 18th of October we will have posters and artworks up. We also have some posters which we would like students to add pictures and hand prints. Come check them out!


How students can participate

  • Come and trace their hand and write their name where they are from on the UN week poster as well as a message about what they would like to see happen in our world (world peace, equality, etc).
  • Print out images of things from all around the world and paste it on our posters.
  • Write ‘hello’ in many languages and paste up flags of the world on a UN poster.


These posters will be mainly displayed in the canteen area and the libraries.


If you would like to have a conversation with your students about the UN global goals for sustainable development this link is a useful website


On 24th of October we will have a bake sale at lunch time of cakes from all around the world. The money raised from this will be donated to help the people of Haiti.


If you would like to contribute that would be awesome!