Activities with parents

Activities with parents

Touch rugby with the Frossies

Come & play touch rugby with the Frossies, rugby without tackles, this is open to anyone from the age of 7 (supervised of course).

WHO: anyone from the age of 7

WHEN: Sunday morning at 9am (Autumn/winter) and Wednesday night at 6pm (Spring/Summer)

WHERE: Behind Mroubra Beach Skate Park– you’re welcome to come, please contact Nicolas for more info:


Badminton at the school

WHO: anyone, any level

WHEN: mondays 7pm to 8.30 pm and Fridays 6.30pm to 8pm 

WHERE: in the school gymnasium

PERSON IN CHARGE: Pierre Graftieaux, 04 78 05 26 60,

COST: 40 aud + 1 pack of Badminton shuttlecocks 

If you are interested, please contact Pierre or show up on Mondays at 7 or Fridays  at 6.30 at the school gate