Anti-Bullying unit

Anti-Bullying unit

Following M Bellon's visit and training on September 24th and 25th at LCS, an anti-bullying unit has been created.

10 people are part of this unit that aim at acting as quickly as possible according to the method of shared concern

It's a non-accusatory approach.

The speaker voluntarily adopts an empathetic attitude. He does not blame bullies, does not punish, does not make the student feel guilty. It shows that he/she is concerned about the situation of the student who is targeted by bullying.

It takes the form of a series of one-on-one encounters with the bullies.

Since harassment is by nature a group phenomenon, the aim of the method is to undo the group effect by re-individualizing each of its members.

Bullies are asked to look for themselves what they could do to make the target feel better.

Those who participated in bullying are encouraged to become actors in solving the problem they created. The speaker places them in a position to fix what they have done to the target.

Interviews continue until the bullying has fully ended.

The speaker is as tenacious as he/she is benevolent. He/she will continue the interviews until the bullies have found a solution and the target feels better.


If you think that a child is a victim of bullying or a witness, you may contact  the school : will study his situation and advise you on how to proceed.


Link to M. Bellon's conference: