Can non-French speakers join Lycée Condorcet?

Can non-French speakers join Lycée Condorcet?


You and your children do not have to be French or be native French speakers to attend Lycée Condorcet Sydney. We welcome families of all backgrounds and currently have students from 27 nationalities attending the school.

For some levels, pre-requisites in French are needed. 
To enroll in :

  • Maternelle : no pre-requisite in French needed
  • Elementary school (Year 1 to 5) : pre-requisite in French needed (3 days of evaluation in the appropriate level will define if your child has the level required)
  • Secondary school (Year 6 to 12) :  pre-requisite in French needed (1 test in French, and 2 other tests in Maths and English)
  • IB Diploma Program (Year 11 and 12) : no pre-requisite in French needed

“LCS does a very good job of communicating to English-speaking parents. It has a good English language program, which is good for students if they want to go on to study in Australia or in France.

We have no French background and don’t speak French at home, but my children are now fluent French speakers. My husband is German and the children also speak German, Spanish, and Mandarin. I think it’s fantastic for the kids to be completely fluent in both French and English, and I feel they get enough support at the school to keep up.” Alexandra Drees-Gross, parent