The Canteen

The Canteen

A unique school canteen service

The LCS offers a canteen service from Monday to Friday. Chartwells. our meal service provider, is a specialist in this field and offers complete and varied meals, prepared and served on site: starter, hot meal, dessert, "à la française". Nutritious and balanced, the dishes are internationally inspired and include various fruits and vegetables, dairy products, starchy foods, meat or fish. Theme weeks are also organised throughout the year, to encourage the discovery of different flavours and cultures and to make this meal time more festive. In addition, from Y6 onwards, students have the opportunity to personalise their meals thanks to the salad and fruit bar provided. Our chef favours organic ingredients or ingredients from the school's garden as much as possible: carrots, fresh herbs, onion peppers...

The menu is available to school families one week in advance on Pronote. For your information, please find below a typical week's menu.

Eco-responsible approach

The LCS is committed to a global eco-responsible approach, in which the school catering service is also part. This is reflected in the selection of raw materials, the selective sorting of waste, the choice of equipment (e. g. more economical dishwashers) and the disposal of disposable tableware, etc.

Canteen schedule per class

All students have sit-down lunches, and per class, at different times.

From Y6, students can place themselves where they want and use the outdoor tables. The meal time is supervised by the school life staff of the school, the youngest are helped by the school assistants. Teachers and administrative staff of the school can also benefit from this catering service, share facilities with students or have lunch in break rooms dedicated to staff.

Registration and invoicing

Families can choose a 3-day, 5-day meal package or opt for the occasional unit ticket system. (except in maternelle classes where a 5-day canteen is mandatory). Single tickets are available for sale at the reception desk. Students who have not opted for the canteen service bring their own lunch, which can be eaten cold or in a thermo box, without charge. (meals cannot be reheated on site, except for students from the 6th grade onwards who have free access to microwave ovens)

For details on the cost of the canteen service, we invite you to consult the school fees policy for the current year.

Registration for the canteen service is made per semester on Eduka. In case of allergy or particular health problems, we invite you to provide the corresponding medical certificates on Eduka and inform our first aid office :

Family discounts apply to the canteen for students opting for the 5-day package.


A cafeteria is also open inside the school and offers drinks, pastries and snacks to the students during the day break times.