Elite Squads

Elite Squads

Our Elite Squads offer students the possibility to benefit from further training in their chosen activity and to participate in competitions at the federal level. The students have to pass selection tests for each activity in order to join the sport sections

Elite Squads – 3 hours training

  • Badminton – maximum 16 students 
  • Swimming – maximum 22 students 
  • Surfing – maximum 15 students
  • Tennis – maximum 20 students


Elite Squad partners

  • Badminton – NSW Badminton Federation (organises competitions and training) & SBA (Sydney Badminton Association to which our club is affiliated)
  • Swimming – DRLC (nautical center: coaches & water lines) & DRLC Maroubra Swimming club (competitions)
  • Surfing – Let’s Go Surfing (coaches) & Maroubra Southend Boardriders (competition) & Maroubra beach surf & skate Shop (to purchase material)
  • Tennis – Tennis Latham Park (tennis court & affiliation with NSW Tennis Federation)

Main participation in competitions

  • Badminton – Junior NSW Competition & Inter school competition
  • Swimming – Every Friday nights with DRLC Maroubra Swimming club, Asia-Pacific Swimming Championships (with the AEFE) and 4/5 competitions in the region of MetSEA & NSW State championships &, MetSEA championship & DRLC Maroubra swimming club championship.
  • Surfing – 7 competitions with Maroubra Southend Boardriders & Inter-school in the Sydney region organised by NSW Surfing Federation.
  • Tennis – Tournament organised by the sport section & SFO & 1 to 4 tournaments on the Tennis Australia calendar

Please note that teachers will not be responsible for the transport to the venue.

More information and enrollments are managed through Eduka