Enrolling my child

Enrolling my child

Thank you for your interest in our School. The LCS Enrolment team is available to answer any questions you may have. Please find below the essential information about our enrolment procedure.

In a constant concern to bring the best conditions of teaching and well-being to our students, it is important that the family project is in line with the school's project and is part of a long-term educational approach.

Admission commissions are held every 2 weeks for the current school year. For 2021-2022 school year, applications will be discussed from November onwards.
Enrolment applications have to be made online on Eduka website.

Please find below a tutorial to help you to apply.


Enrolment procedure

1/ Application form on Eduka.  At this point, we will ask you to provide parents and kids' copies of passports, family record or child's birth certificate, and the 3 last school reports (GS students and older)

2 /Payment of an Enrolment Application fee of $250

3/ Admission commission studies the applications, in which all the required documents are provided

3/ The LCS send you an offer

4/ Admissions fees are due and new documents are required

5/ Enrollment confirmation

If some places become available throughout the school year, offers will be sent to parents whose children meet the age requirement and are still on the waiting list.

Information for SECONDARY SCHOOL (Year 6 to Year 12)

  • Available subjects from Year 11 to Year 12: See our Baccalaureat section.

  • First language: English

  • Second language (from Year 7): Spanish, German or Mandarin

  • Optional languages (from Year 7): Latin

  • Sport Sections: surf, badminton, tennis, swimming

Enrolment in IB

Enrolments in IB program for Y11 and Y12 are also managed on Eduka.

Enrolments for a start in IB1 or IB 2 in August 2021 are open.

However, the maintaining of the program for the following years is subject to conditions as explained in the memo attached below (option 1) and the school cannot guarantee at this stage that the IB will be offered in the coming years.

The LCS enrolment team as well as the IB coordinator are available for any further information. 

Waiting list

Due to the increasing number of applications, we are managing waiting lists on certain levels. 

Within the limit of available places, priority is given, among others, to siblings, to students coming from an AEFE school, to students enrolled in a French school in order to guarantee the follow up of the school program.

The school reserves the right to ask for information about the family project and to refuse a student whose family project is not in line with the school project.
Similarly, in exceptional circumstances, the school reserves the right to allocate places beyond its capacity.



All  students must have an adequate visa from the Australian authorities as of 1st day of school.The school can only accept a limited number of students with a student visa. Moreover, the student visa grant is subject to restrictive conditions: only students in Première / IB1 or Terminale / IB2 and staying with a host family are eligible. In that case, we will ask cover letters from the student and his/ her parents, as well as references letters from 3 previous teachers. of  a Also, please note that the Australian authorities do not allow us to enrol students who arrive on a tourist visa for more than 3 months.

Children above 6 years old children who have not studied in a french school may have to be evaluated in order to ensure they will face no difficulty in their class of age.



From 1 April 2018, the immunisation requirements in primary and secondary schools were formulated by the Health Minister so that all school principals are required to:

  • request an immunisation certificate at enrolment (provided by an australian GP or medicare)
  • record each child’s immunisation status in a register and retain copies of approved immunisation certificates for a period of 3 years after the child has ceased to attend the school
  • provide a copy of a child’s immunisation certificate to another school that the child has transferred to (upon request)
  • notify the public health unit if an enrolled child has a vaccine preventable disease, or if they reasonably believe that an unimmunised enrolled child has come into contact with someone who has a vaccine preventable disease
  • exclude unimmunised children at risk of contracting a disease from attending school on the direction of a public health officer.

Please find here the NSW brochure in many languages.

For any emergencies or questions you can contact the enrolment service at the following address: inscriptions@condorcet.com.au


Covid-19 : 

For the arrivals from abroad, we invite you to regularly consult the website of the Consulate of your country in Sydney and the website of the Department of Home Affairs. The measures change frequently, differ from one country to another and vary according to the visa and status of each one. In this context, we invite you to inquire directly with the authorities concerned.

The enrolment department is of course at your disposal to accompany you in your project of arrival in our school.