French as a study language

French as a study language

For a more accessible education...

The French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and the French as a Study Language (FLSco) programs.

Each child is an individual, each story is unique, and when it comes to education, we understand that each child has different needs. This is why we have implemented the Ten Commandments of a Successful Integration: Welcome, Inform, Position, Integrate, Differentiate, Personalise, Enhance, Support, Share (cultures) and Guide. To this end, we offer students whose first language is not French extra support through our FLSco program (French as a Study Language).


This program is aimed mainly at new students at the LCS who have little or no command of French, but is also available to those who are already in the process of learning French, yet need additional support to strengthen their language skills. FLSco gives them access to the basic skills required to integrate the French education system. The program was put in place to assist students in their transition to the French system and to facilitate their integration in the school. As a result, students are placed in classes that correspond to their age and, outside their regular classes, attend FLSco tutoring lessons in small work groups over a given period.


We also count on you, but how?

You are a key player in your child's academic success. It is absolutely essential to regularly monitor your child's progress at home to give him or her every possible chance to succeed.

In addition, we encourage parents to facilitate exposure to the French language outside of school hours through, for example, extra-curricular activities in French, reading books in French with their children, audiovisual supports in French (TV5Monde, movies, etc.) or through prolonged stays in French speaking countries. We also encourage you to inform your children of the many benefits of speaking French!


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Online educational resources:

Click on the links below to consult the books and resources adapted to your child's class:

Cycle 1 - Maternelle

Cycle 2 - CP, CE1, CE2 (Y1, Y2, Y3)

Cycle 1 - Maternelle

Cycle 2 - CP, CE1, CE2

Cycle 3

Cycle 4 


Online resources collège and Lycée (Y6 - Y12 - High School)

Advice CM1 and CM2 (Y4, Y5 - practice with family and friends! Films, books, series ...)

Advice College and Lycée (Y6 - Y12 - High School - movies, youtubeurs, series...)



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