Life in Australia

Life in Australia

Sydney City Centre (CBD) and its opera house, 20 minutes from the LCS by car, 40 minutes by bus. 

Living conditions in Australia. 

Life is very pleasant in this part of Australia. With its sunny climate all year round and the richness of its landscapes, Sydney offers many pleasures: nature, sports, outdoor activities but also more urban districts.... Sydney is also known for being easy for families to live with and very attractive for children.


Some positions may be subject to a visa application. This is to be discussed with Human Resources during the recruitment process.


The LCS is located in Maroubra, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Only a few minutes from the beaches of Coogee and Maroubra and about 30 minutes from downtown Sydney.

Local ads for rental properties can be seen on these two websites : and

As an indication, a 2 room apartment near the school is rented for about AUD 650 per week.


Sydney has good public transport (bus, trains).

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The cost of living is relatively high in this part of Australia. Housing and childcare are the main budget items. The rest of the expenditure remains relatively close to the standard of living in a large european city.

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