Modernisation Project

Modernisation Project

LCS - Modernisation Project

The LCS modernisation real estate project continues to progress and we have recently reached some key milestones as we move closer to construction.

The modernisation project will provide improved facilities for our students and allow us to enter a new phase of our history by delivering an enriched learning environment that meets the standards of the high-quality AEFE French schools abroad.

The project will create a welcoming and community-focused environment with an improved frontage along Moverly Road and new facilities, thus providing more outdoor space for educational purposes, as well as a dedicated underground carpark for staff and teachers to use. The new specialised facilities, such as enhanced learning spaces and a gymnasium, will be a showcase of best practice design. This will make the school more modern, supporting student, parent and teacher wellbeing, and deliver a high standard of education and an excellent alignment with the curriculum.

The new and upgraded facilities will support the school’s daily operations and provide:

  • Welcoming and inclusive public spaces including entrance, reception area, patio and café
  • Maternelle and Elementary classrooms
  • New gross motor skills room for maternelle students
  • Gymnasium
  • Student learning kitchen
  • Nap room for younger children
  • Administration offices
  • Basement carpark for staff.



Recent engagement

Over the past month, we have consulted with the LCS community and our neighbours surrounding the school to ensure our key stakeholders were aware of the project and had the opportunity to ask any questions. This included:

  • An email newsletter to the school community
  • A hard-copy newsletter distributed to over 300 surrounding residences in Maroubra
  • Door-knocking neighbours
  • Two online information sessions, tailored to the school community and local neighbours to discuss the project, timeframes. mitigation measures to manage impacts during construction and answer any questions
  • A 1800 phone number and email address dedicated to the modernisation project
  • The phone number and email address remain available for any interested stakeholders to get in touch with the team and ask questions.
  • A copy of the newsletters can be found below.

As the project progresses, we will continue to offer you a range of ways to stay informed, ask questions and learn more about the new and upgraded facilities that will be on offer for our students and our school community.


Earlier this year we completed the first step of our planning process for alterations and additions to the school campus.

The timeline below indicates the next steps and expected timeframes as the project progresses.

History and ambition of the project:

The real estate project “Masterplan 2020’’ was planned in four phases. The first two phases were during 2016 to 2018, mainly integrating the small extension of the secondary rooms, a new dining room, a sick bay, a primary BCD and extra toilets, etc.

School growth of 6% to 8% per year since 2013 means there will be a saturation of the teaching spaces available at the beginning of the 2021 school year. This saturation manifests itself mainly at secondary level, with the rise of cohorts in higher classes. Elementary classes will thus be relocated to the new building, which will free up space in high school.

In August 2018, the new management team began looking for a solution to revisit the project while locating the extension in a work zone that will allow the school to operate with minimised impact. This area is identified on the former gymnasium and basketball court, in connection with the existing maternelle building.

In agreement with the board committee, it was decided to call on a program manager to redefine the needs, in consultation with the school staff, and see if the real estate project could be carried out on the identified work area. This definition of needs took place in November 2018. It then gave rise to a pre-program in December 2018, followed by arbitration by a feasibility study in February 2019, which was presented and validated at the end of February by the board committee. This study is confronted with its financial feasibility which is validated based on the projected budget through a financial forecasting tool set up by the Lycée's management team. The modernisation project and the program were presented to the governing board of 26 March 2019, to the school council on 20 May 2019, and to the members during the Annual Genral Meeting in November 2019.

Based on the feasibility study, a definitive program was carried out and the management team launched the architectural competition on 1 March 2019 on a tendering platform. Fifteen architectural teams lodged their submission for the 1st stage of the competition at the end of March.

Three architects were shortlisted to enter the 2nd stage of the contest:

  • Hayball/Barthélémy Grino
  • Turner/Coco architecture
  • Segond Guyon/Rosselli

After a visit of the site on 1 May and a series of questions / answers in May and June, the three architects lodged their submissions on 22 July 2019.

The competition jury was made up of representatives of students, teachers, parents, a former student architect, the representative of the AEFE, the president of the management committee and members of the management team, met on 21 August. The jury unanimously selected the team of Segond Guyon/Rosselli - a Franco-Australian partnership – and the contract was signed in early September 2019.

Regarding the Segond Guyon/Rosselli submission, the Jury was impressed by its ecological and social reference, the fluidity of circulation, distribution and, especially, the organisation of maternelle around the courtyard. They were satisfied with the strict adherence to the budget and timetable as well as the clear answers to the specifications.


To find out more, ask questions and give us your comments, contact us at any time by phone or by e-mail at the following number and address:

1800 344 080