Directing a movie no longer has any secret for the CE2 students !

Directing a movie no longer has any secret for the CE2 students !

On the occasion of the Schools International Film Festival in Kuala-Lumpur,  one of the projects of the Asia Pacific zone, two CE2 classes made their own movie.

The theme of the contest was ‘live together…different’. From writing the script to filming, the students did all of it!

‘We learnt the different camera shots with the secondary students : high-angle shots, low-angle shots, American shot, large shot.’ 
‘Jean-Yves Brignon taught us how to play, how to show our emotions on camera. He helped us make the movie.’   
‘Despite the time it took us to make the movie, we are very happy with the result and we would like to see it again! We will soon invite our parents to the screening at the school’


They also take part in the Sydney International Festival of Film by Children organised by Kidzflicks and have been nominated many times :

 "Vivre Ensemble" has been nominated for :

  • Best editing
  • Best camera operation
  • Best film by a school

"Le Petit Canard" has been nominated for :

  • Best animation

The Kidzflicks Awards is coming soon ! We now look forward to having the final results. 

To see the CE2A film :

To see the CE2B film :

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 11:30