Elementary school cross

Elementary school cross

On Wednesday, 1 November, while the Maternelle students were performing their Halloween concert, elementary school students (Year 1 - Year 5) were running for the cross!
Here are some pictures of the CE1 cross. Thank you all for your donations to Oz Harvest. And congratulations to the young runners! 
Photo credit: Françoise Holtzmacher Photography

Cross Results :

Classes which came first : CPA / CE1A / CE2A / CM1A / CM2B

 Congratulations to the girls and boys who took the first-place :
CE1 : Eliza and Hector
CE2 : Anaïs, Elliot and Milan 
CM1 : Tara and Joakim 
CM2 : Alyssa and Gard 


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Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - 16:45