Students with special needs

Students with special needs

In the context of an inclusive school, the network of French schools abroad supports including the specific needs of all students, regardless of their nationality, in the different contexts of the French teaching schools registered with the AEFE. 

Unlike France, these schools do not have specialised structures.

The purpose of this page is to provide the necessary information regarding the schooling of students with special educational needs.



Speech, language, communication and other therapies are prevalent among school age children. The school supports and encourages collaboration between teachers and therapists to improve the development of these skills in our students. However, due to the increase in student population, the limited room resources available, and to maintain Child Protection protocols, the school is unable to accommodate private therapists on campus and parents are requested to continue therapy for their children in private consulting rooms.

In very extreme circumstances (only to accommodate students with a specific PPS- Projet personnalisé de scolarisation), where consultation in private consulting rooms is not in the best interest of the student, and with authorisation from the school, the school will make arrangements for a private therapist to work with the student and teachers in-school as required and in keeping with obligations to students under the national Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and Disability Standards for Education 2005.



For students identified by teaching staff as requiring diagnostic pathology reports, beginning 19th November 2018, the school will subsidise the cost of the initial diagnostic consultation to a maximum value of $400 AUD. (Fully subsidised for families who receive a bursary from the French government). In order to access this resource an invoice must be made out to the school to the value of $400AUD and the remainder of the account to the family.