Study pathways

Study pathways

A project built over many years

The quality of teaching at the LCS, the support of the teaching teams and the reputation of the Baccalaureate diploma allow our students to access the best higher education throughout the world.

Making the right choice of higher education requires that you have really thought about yourself and that you have been well informed.  The “parcours avenir” at LCS is designed in such a way as to enable secondary school students to satisfy these two conditions. The future career path is also the means to better understand the economic and professional world and to discover the diversity of professions and training, to develop a sense of commitment and initiative. 

Dedicated resources at LCS

The Principal Professor, the PRIO (Educational Guidance and Information Resource Personnel) and the pedagogical teams are available to support students in their orientation, providing them with knowledge about the metiers and higher education systems. They also organise actions throughout the year such as the visit of major schools or universities, forums, etc.

The website of educational guidance at LCS

You will find on this site information on studying in France, Australia or abroad as well as the calendar of events and actions. (job forum, open days at universities,..)

What do our students become?

Agora: Thanks to the AGORA platform (Alliance Générations Orientation Réseau AEFE) , our students have access to an experiences' sharing space between high school students and alumni of the AEFE network: a forum, interviews, video testimonials, etc. 

LCS Alumni : LCS Alumni strengthens ties between alumni around the world. Register here !


The graph below shows the geographical distribution of students after graduation since 2016.