Why choose the IB at the Lycée Condorcet?

Why choose the IB at the Lycée Condorcet?


The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a diploma taught only in English and is accepted by higher education institutions around the world. The ability to speak French is not a prerequisite for entry.

Lycée Condorcet Sydney offers students aged 16 – 18 who wish to pursue higher education in English the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program as an alternative to the French Baccalaureate (FB).


  • Knowledge of the French language is not mandatory as all levels of French are catered for, from beginners to advanced. Also, enrolment is open to all local and international students, regardless of citizenship.


  • In terms of goals, there is considerable overlap between the IB Mission Statement and Lycée Condorcet’s goals which is to produce young men and women of courage and integrity who will be empowered to make a positive contribution to the changing world.


  • Lycée Condorcet also offers a wide range of support for students’ learning, activities and interests, which enable them to easily satisfy the different component of the IB.


  • Class sizes are relatively small, allowing for individualised attention.


  • The IB is not just for the elite student- it is for all students who wish to pursue tertiary education anywhere around the world.


  • Moreover, the IB appeals to students who wish to study in English and provides depth and rigour within the framework of an interesting and diverse curriculum.


  • All the staff at Lycée Condorcet who are teaching the IB have been specifically trained in their various disciplines and they regularly network with teachers from other IB schools across the world.


  • Importantly, learning is conducted in a safe environment that is conducive to learning.


  • We are a May session school, like all schools in the northern hemisphere, which also follows the university calendar.